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About me

About me, I´m a 21-year-old physics student from Germany. I absolutely love space, like seriously I’ve got a poster of the solar system in my room and everything. But I’m also fascinated with everything else that has to do with science. And writing these posts gives me an opportunity to learn new things every day and also give other people an opportunity to learn more about the beauty of our universe. I’m currently studying to get a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics but my plan is to at least get a Master of Science degree afterwards. I have absolutely no idea what I will do after that but I’m hoping it will have something to do with Spacetravel. To fulfill a cliché, yes I would like to become an astronaut. But be honest, don’t you? I started out on this journey of writing about science alone but quickly realized that I can’t shoulder the work myself while studying to become a physicist. That takes up a lot more time than you would think. I actually don’t know when the last time was that I spend two days in a row not doing some kind of work for the university. Now a good friend of mine who loves space almost as much as I do joint this project. We are in this 50/50 and we are trying to share the work. With his help, I’m able to concentrate on writing posts and he manages all the other things, finding hashtag, publishing the posts, managing communications, and so on. I’m lucky I have him.

How did Beyondbelieve start?

Beyondbelieve all started as a little project to keep myself entertained through the first phases of the Corona lockdown. But long before that, I had started to collect some interesting science stories and pictures whenever I came across them. Sometimes in class, sometimes on YouTube but most of the time while being on 9Gag while sitting in another boring lecture. But the thing is you can’t believe everything you see on the internet especially on 9Gag. And most of the time I just had a cool photo and a few sentences to go with. So for a long time, I wanted to properly organize my little folder of pictures. Then Corona came and the whole world turned upside down. I’m from Germany and the Virus took off around March 2020.

That’s when the whole country went into lockdown and everyone had to stay home. But Corona knocked on my doorstep long before that. In February a good friend on mine was tested positively on Corona and I had to go into isolation. Meaning I had to stay in my room for two whole weeks only leaving to go to the bathroom. That meant I had a lot of time on my hands and I decided I would use it to do something productive. And so the Instagram channel Beyondbeliev3 was born. And people seem to like the content I create. In just two months the channel grew from a few loyal friends to over two thousand people and its growing exponentially. That is just beyond my biggest dreams and all I can say to that is, thank you, everyone, you made more than a dream come true. Luckily I never caught the virus and so after two weeks of isolation, the government allowed me to leave my room again. My friend was sick for over 30 days but recovered after that. By then the whole country was in lookdown and the only place you were allowed to go was buying groceries. That meant a lot more time to put into the Channel. And trust me I spend a huge amount of time writing and researching new stories. The hardest part is actually boiling down all the information to 2,200 characters of an Instagram caption. That´s where this website comes into play.

The Website

For quite some time I´ve wanted to write longer Captions because sometimes the Storys are so complex and interesting that just one picture and one little caption cant give justice to the whole thing. But I’ve never had anything to do with Websites and so on. Luckily I have a friend who took the time to help me set up this website and then I spend hours and hours trying to figure out how to make it look right. The plan now is to write a few blogposts and give people the opportunity to learn more about all the amazing stories about space and science. I’m still learning a lot about websites and I will improve this website along the way. I have many plans for it, for example, a section where all the future rocket launches are displayed with a countdown clock so you don’t need to figure out the launch time in your timezone or a shop where I will sell cool physic´s desktop toy´s and cool t-shirts. Or a forum where people can ask questions about science, space travel, and physics in general.  About these toy´s. When it comes to physics toys and gadgets I´m a total geek. I´ve been collecting for ages and I have quite a few cool ones. I´ve got a magnetic levetating globe, a small 300 g cube of 99.95% Tungsten, Newton´s cradle and many more.


The easiest way to contact me is through Instagram. I’m always trying to answer new messages as quickly as possible. I love explaining stuff or just helping out with something, so feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

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