Metal Density Cube Set *


  • 1. Precisely machined cubes with a density of 10 mm: Niob, Nickel, Copper, Titanium and Tungsten Metal Density Set
  • 2. Each cube measures 10mm Precision machined from high-purity metal, ground surfaces and laser-etched labels
  • 3. Note: Safe for all ages. The element cubes are non-toxic and the edges are rounded for safe handling.
  • 4. Metal Density Cube Periodic Table Element Plate for Element Collection Lab Experiment Material Hobbies Substance Block Display. Element cubes perfect for classrooms, offices, community rooms, scientific departments and home schools.
  • 5. Each cube is made of high purity metal with attractive sanded surfaces and laser-etched labels. Precision engineered for super flat facets and a tolerance of 0.1 mm close to theoretical density


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